Finding Vegan Food: NoDa

Despite it’s artsy, traditionally counter culture reputation, the vegan options in NoDa are pretty sad for a city the size of Charlotte. NoDa Bodega is the highlight offering a vegan menu every Thursday night and with the relocation of Fud (my former favorite vegan food option in Noda) and the disappearance of the vegan brat at Growlers, what is left for vegans to eat in NoDa?

NoDa Vegan Guide

Noda Bodega – If I’m not mistaken, Thursday night is the only night they for sure have vegan options and it rotates every week. With menu options ranging from Banh Mi jackfruit sliders, a variety of tacos, to Loaded Tots and a Chicago-ish Carrot Dog. Definitely worth checking out.

Growlers Pourhouse – This used to be a solid option for vegan food and beer. Unfortunately, they no longer have their chipotle veganator which paired perfectly with their fries and beer list. They do offer some tempeh tacos, but if you eliminate the aioli, there is not much flavor. They still have delicious fries and are a nice spot to grab a drink. Also, they offer a portabello burger is available.

Sabor Latin Street Grill – See the Sabor rundown. Based on other feedback, the brown rice/quinoa is vegan and the regular rice is not.

Cabo Fish Taco – They do offer tofu. Rumor has it, they put butter in the rice. Waiting on feedback from the restaurant directly.

Jack Beagle’s – They now offer the Impossible Burger. Other than that, pretty slim selection.

Deejai Noodle Bar – The original location used to be a staple, but it’s been awhile since we visited. They can definitely help you select a good vegan option.

Heist Brewery – The first site for the original Charlotte Vegan Drinks, they have typically been accommodating in fixing up a vegan dish. Their online menu identifies vegetarian options and dairy free options. Waiting on feedback from the restaurant for their recommended vegan options. They do offer edamame, barbecued jackfruit tacos (doesn’t say dairy free, but maybe could be modified), possibly the veggie stir fry with crispy tofu. They ruin the Brussels with bacon jam and Parmesan. Could do worse.

Tin Kitchen – Food truck that can be found at NoDa Brewing many nights. They have proven to be a vegan friend in the past with some slight modifications. Buffalo cauliflower and Chana Masala tacos both look like solid options. .

Tips from Vegan City Charlotte Facebook group:

The people know best, so here are a few tips and suggestions directly from Facebook.

” Yes! Sabor has basic vegan options for Mexican food. Growlers has tempeh tacos and a portabello burger. NoDaBodega has a vegan menu on Thursday nights. Heist has a stir fry and usually at least one other option. Haberdish has a cauliflower steak and sides (ask for their vegan menu to see modifications). Cabo has tofu and the noodle bar too as the person above mentioned. NoDa Brewery virtually always has Tin Kitchen as their food truck, which sells cauliflower tacos and chickpea curry tacos that are easy to veganize. Sometimes there are vegan friendly food trucks at Company store.” – AG

“Cabo puts butter in their rice and some of the servers don’t seem to be aware so they may tell you it is vegan. Deejai Noodle is great!” -LMF

“Heist has been very accommodating. They have tofu & black bean burgers on stock and the cooks/waitstaff have worked with me on all my orders.” -PWW

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