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Whether we plan our travels based on cities that offer the best vegan food (Seattle, Portland, Berlin, New York City, Philadelphia, Austin) or we are traveling for other reasons (family, work, weddings) our itineraries tend to revolve around the vegan places we want to eat. Any time we travel, it is considered vegan travel.

While VeganCLT is focused on the Charlotte vegan scene, it’s hard not to share vegan discoveries and experiences during our vegan travels. Especially when so much work goes into researching the vegan options for upcoming travel.

Guides and Can't Miss Vegan Eats

The first thing we do when preparing to travel is research the vegan food options. It’s always important to find a good coffee/breakfast place, lunch/dinner places, and definitely dessert options. Instead of just letting our travel preparations be a one and done use, we figured we would share them here to provide a starting point for your next trip.

Our planning may have been focused on a specific part of town, so it may not be a complete guide, depending on the length of our stay or the size of the city.


Since going vegan in 2012, we have traveled quite a bit. You can get by these days without any planning thanks to the proliferation of vegan options, especially the vegan options at a few chain restaurants. It is best to have a few options lined up for the best vegan travel experience.

The number one tip for vegan travel is: Plan Ahead


The article below offers a great breakdown on how to find vegan options on your next trip.
How to Survive (and Thrive!) When Traveling as a Vegan