Vegan Pizza Options in Charlotte

Vegan pizza is one area of the vegan food spectrum that Charlotte is not lacking in options. Still waiting on the first vegan-cheese only pizza parlor, but essentially every pizza place has vegan cheese.

Zablong (closed due to COVID…not sure if they are reopening)

Located in Brevard Court in Uptown Charlotte, the pizzas are made-to-order and you can load on as many toppings as you’d like.

Blaze Pizza

This chain entered the Southend Charlotte market in 2016 and offers vegan cheese in a similar made-to-order fashion as Zablong.  Build Your Own and add as many toppings as your heart desires including a spicy vegan chorizo.

Brixx Pizza

Multiple locations around Charlotte. They do offer vegan cheese at no additional charge, but don’t have any preset vegan options on their menu.

VeganCLT recommends ordering the Mexican minus chicken and sour cream with vegan cheese and add peppers and onions.  Or the more traditional Wood-Roasted Vegetable pizza w/vegan cheese.

Mellow Mushroom

Two locations in Charlotte. They have good pizza, but it’s pretty pricey plus they charge extra for vegan cheese which is annoying.

VeganCLT recommends going for the Tempeh hoagie minus feta and mayo, add vegan cheese and get marinara on the side (tell them no cheese on the marinara).

Uncle Maddio’s 

Uncle Maddio’s feels like a hybrid between the build your own and a sit down pizza joint. Their website identifies their vegan options which is great. They are one of the few pizza places that offer a marinated tofu topping.

Tony’s Pizza

Tony’s Pizza is an order at the counter, eat off of paper plates pizza joint that serves gigantic NY style pizzas. The garlic knots are also vegan-friendly.

Loving Hut

We were pleasantly surprised by the pizza at Loving Hut. They have so many options on their menu, pizza may not be your first choice, but it was good. Plus, you can do any number of their vegan meats as toppings.  

Fuel PizzaPure PizzaPizza Peel all offer vegan cheese as well. Sal’s Pizza Factory has been recommended, but other than the word vegan on the front of their menu, I don’t know what they offer.

For larger chain pizza options, Pizza Hut has added a Beyond Meat option (still no cheese) while Toppers has added vegan cheese and chicken.