True Vegan Establishments

You can find vegan options at pretty much any restaurant, but you don’t always want a crappy salad or french fries. Some places do offer one or two solid vegan options, but this page is dedicated to the Charlotte places where you don’t have to second guess if they really know what the word vegan means or even mention it since they’re totally vegan.


Living Kitchen

Healthy, creative, delicious, mostly raw vegan food, juices and smoothies. They have an amazing space with plenty of light coming in and an outdoor space to eat. Located in Southend. This is not recommended as an intro to vegan food for those that are used to a S.A.D. (standard American diet) diet, as they may be turned off by the rawness of some dishes and/or the fresh/green nature of food.


Bean Vegan Cuisine

Vegan comfort food.  Serving breakfast on the weekends. From jalapeno cheddar burgers, fried buffalo tofu finger salads to the amazing Herc Bowl for breakfast, you’ll wonder why people are still requiring animals to be a part of our food chain. Also, has a full vegan market with everything you need.


The Greener Apple

Charlotte’s only vegan and eco-friendly shop. Not only can you find a great selection of vegan food products, but you can also pick up your cruelty free cleaning products, pet food, beauty supplies and vegan books. Located inside the Book Buyers bookstore.   


Zizi’s Vegan Restaurant

Closed at the end of 2017…hoping for a resurgence of some kind soon.   


The Masa Casa

Charlotte’s only vegan food cart serving amazing tamales. They don’t have a permanent location or set schedule, so check out their Facebook page and be sure to track them down when they announce a spot.   



Food delivery service offering up fresh, organic, healthy, vegan meals that you can easily prepare at home. They do plenty of creative and delicious dishes and deliver right to your door so you don’t have to spend any time worrying about planning out your next meal.


Move That Dough Baking Co

The leader in Charlotte vegan desserts making doughnuts, cakes, and other treats. Can be found at Area 15 on the weekends as well as other drop spots such as Central Coffee on a pretty regular basis.


Lady Go-Go’s

Authentic Mexican food with a vegan twist or desserts? They are in the process of raising money to become the first all-vegan food truck in Charlotte.