Visitor’s Guide: Vegan Options in Zermatt and Zurich Switzerland

Matterhorn in Zermatt

We recently went on a bucket list trip to Switzerland for a chance to snowboard in the Alps. We found just enough vegan options to get us by in both Zurich and Zermatt. It’s true that Switzerland is not cheap, but thankfully their grocery stores do a better job of labeling their vegan options and having more options in general than we do in the states. Migros stores have an easily identifiable packaging under Migros V-Love. Having grown up on Chef Boyardee’s beef ravioli and being one that checks Spaghetti O’s every few years to see if they have gone vegan, I couldn’t resist picking up canned vegan ravioli.

Zermatt Vegan Options

The Dude

I came across The Dude in the early afternoon after having some delays getting down the Gornergrat train. It had a decent price on beer and one vegan offering that turned out to be pretty good. The Hornox Burger had a nice little sweetness with solid toppings and a plethora of fries.

Petit Royal

One of my favorite finds during my Zermatt walkabouts was this cute little coffee shop. You walk in and find a seat upstairs and they come up and take your order. I definitely recommend the banana bread with your coffee. While it is a little crumbly, it is served warm and quite delicious. I wish I would have known it was a vegan option on my first visit. The other vegan options include a nice chocolate treat that had 3 berries on top (forgot the name), bircherm├╝esli topped with fruit, and even a focaccia sandwich with pesto, avocado, tomatoes, arugula and hummus.

Zurich Vegan Options

We only had 2 days in Zurich, but there seemed to be enough solid options for a few more days in the city. I love visiting cities with fully functioning public transportation options to get you around.

Ambassador Hotel Zurich
We booked this hotel using Chase points and completely lucked out that they had a vegan continental breakfast offering. It was a great little hotel with the most insane vegan breakfast offering I’ve ever seen in a hotel. It was a tower of breads, vegan meat, homemade jam, mini quiche, fruit salad, tomato jam and eggplant spread. Ridiculous. Also, served with freshly squeezed orange or grapefruit juice. Highly recommend. The rooms were small but supremely comfortable.

Ambassador Hotel’s tiered vegan continental breakfast.

Veganitas was an excellent spot with a ton of pita options including tempeh, seitan, doner, and more. Solid fries and sauces. One of the deals even included a beer. No complaints here.

This little shop was filled with vegan treats! The chocolates were amazing and they had a plethora of tasty looking options like cinnamon rolls, cheesecakes, and cookies. It was some of the best chocolate we have ever had.

Moon Chocolates

Bakery Enzian
We lucked into this being near our hotel on the final day as we were heading back to the airport. It wasn’t on our radar, but it should be on yours. We had an excellent lunch and tasty treats. We even came back the next morning before our flight for more.

Bakery Bakery
This little bakery is in the perfect location to grab a vegan sandwich and a treat before boarding a train at Zurich HB. They do have other locations including one in Bern.

Interlaken Vegan Options

Fondue Villa
We essentially took a day trip to Interlaken just to have the vegan fondue and it was an excellent fondue experience.

Velo Cafe
Nice cafe with several vegan options: vegan club, burger, Buddha bowl, and avocado toast. They even had a few treats up at the counter including a cheesecake jar that my wife still claims is the best she has ever had.

The Cheesecake