Vegan Desserts

One benefit of being vegan used to be not having constant temptation and easy access to unhealthy desserts. Not any more. Vegan treats are becoming much easier to come by. We’re not mad about it.

Sunflour Baking Company

Sunflour offers a vegan chocolate chip brownie, raspberry wheat muffin and banana chocolate chip muffin regularly along with non-dairy milk for your coffee selection. They also occasionally have cupcakes available or you can place an order.

Move That Dough Baking Co.

Popping up at events around Charlotte and weekly drops at The People’s Market and Central Coffee locations on the weekends, Move That Dough serves vegan donuts, cakes, cookies, and more.

True Flour

Specializing in vegan rice krispy treats and gluten free brownies, you can find their treats at Pure Pizza, People’s Market, and Eastside Local Eatery. Check their Instagram for their drop spots.

Forget Me Not Bake Shop

Cooking up a variety of vegan treats including pop tarts, bundt cakes, and crumb bars. Find them at Queen City Grounds and Green Brothers Juice.

Bean Vegan Cuisine

They always have the Kitty Cat Cake, cupcakes, cheesecake, old fashioned cake available and then there is most often an additional dessert special.

Suarez Bakery

Normally, a place with just one vegan offering would not be worthy of being mentioned. But when that vegan offering cost just $0.95 and comes in the form of a delicious hand made glazed doughnut, you make an exception. Stop here if you’re near the Park Road Shopping Center. They now have multiple vegan options!

Golden Cow Creamery

Located in Southend, they typically offer a coconut-based vegan ice cream flavor or two.

Craft Cakes CLT

Makes amazing looking cakes (follow @craftcakesclt on Instagram). According to their web site, the majority of their cakes are vegan.

PepperBox Doughnuts

Typically have a vegan doughnut option available. Can be found at various locations like Tip Top Market.

Whisk and Wood

These treats seem to pop up all over town (Hex, Clean Juice, Studio Coffee). Not all vegan, but usually a vegan option.

Local Scoop

Currently offering 8 non-dairy ice creams in south Charlotte.  ​


Seems to be an accidentally, all-vegan gelato shop in Matthews. They have a plethora of flavors and the choices aren’t limited to lousy fruit options.  To be fair, their fruit flavors are great too.


First franchise location in North Carolina arrived in Charlotte-land (Indian Trail) March of 2018. 100% vegan cinnamon rolls and toppings.

Wander & Whisk

Serves vegan treats in the Davidson area.

Madi Bee Cakery

Delicious looking cakes made in Charlotte on Instagram!

MuuRaw Vegan

MuuRaw provides organic, raw, vegan, and gluten-free desserts, as well as snacks, salads and prepared meals. Desserts are available at Rhino Market.


Seems like a natural progression going from pasteless toothbrushes to cookie delivery.

Magick Cookie

Tasty gluten-free, vegan cookies now available at The People’s Market.

Uncle Paulie’s Donuts

Tasty gluten-free, vegan cookies now available at The People’s Market.