Finding Vegan Food: Wesley Heights

Two of the best vegan food options in Charlotte can be found in Wesley Heights. For only having 6 restaurant options, Wesley Heights can make a good case for the most vegan friendly neighborhood in Charlotte, at least in the percentage of restaurants offering vegan options. 

Where to find vegan food in Wesley Heights

Pinky’s – Pinky’s is super vegetarian-friendly and has enough vegan options so you won’t get bored. The Nature Boy, Stray Dog, Waffle fries and Veggie chili (no cheese…they love putting dairy cheese on) are part of our Pinky’s standard order. The menu also includes the Beyond Burger and vegan pimento cheese.


Rhino Market – The two mainstays are the Chaude Legumes and the Tofu You. Tell them vegan so they don’t butter the bread. They also have a house vegetable soup and Raw Rhino sandwich.


Best of Both Souls – A new carryout, vegan food joint located on Thrift Rd. 


Picante – This is the Wesley Heights version of Chipotle/Qdoba and tofu has finally made the menu board. They don’t keep it on the front lines with the rest of the meat, so when you order, it takes a few minutes to heat up. Or you can call ahead and they can have it ready so you don’t have to stand around awkwardly.


Burger Company – I was told once in the restaurant that the veggie burger was vegan. Low level of trust and I never heard back via Facebook outreach. Definitely don’t try ordering the mushrooms, they use a beef gravy or some nonsense.

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  1. 6 months and counting as a vegan and Oklander (Bay-Area) Appreciate this site and keep up the pressure so that we’ll have more vegan options. Thanks

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