2019 Charlotte Vegfest Vendors

Please email charlottevegfest@gmail.com with any questions. After completing payment, you will be directed to a Google form to complete your vendor enrollment. 

*Charlotte Vegfest will not be accepting any multi-level marketing vendors this year.

**Electricity is available by pre-arrangement only. There is a $50 fee for access to electricity.  Please select the option corresponding with your electrical needs.

***Only 50% of payment will be refunded if you need to drop out after payment has been received. No refunds will be issued beginning one month out from the event.***

****We reserve the right to refund your fee if we do not feel you are a good fit for Charlotte Vegfest.****

Vendor Info & Agreements:

  • Only vegan items will be permitted at Charlotte Vegfest. Any non-vegan products found will have to be removed immediately. (No honey, milk, whey, eggs, gelatin, or other animal products).
  • Vendor space at the event includes 2 folding chairs and a 6ft banquet table. Hot Food Vendors will receive 3 6ft tables and 2 folding chairs.
  • There will be no water connections available, but running water is available nearby if required.
  • All vendors must be totally set up and ready to go by 10:00 am at the very latest. Hot Food Vendors may require an earlier start time so that they can be cleared by the Health Department.
  • With the exception of service dogs, animals are not allowed inside the Park Expo and Conference Center. We do have limited outdoor spaces where animals will be allowed. Please contact us if you would like to request an outdoor space.
  • After registering, all food vendors selling and preparing food on site will need to submit an additional form, accessible here. Food vendors with pre-packaged food do not need a permit.
  • If you have questions about your food vendor status, click here.
  • All food sold at Vegfest must be prepared in a Health Department regulated facility. Exceptions include pickles, jams and jellies, and some baked goods – but these must be produced in a Department of Agriculture regulated facility.
  • Businesses selling food (or beverage) items that are eaten on site qualify as food vendors (ex. cupcakes, cookies, hot food, etc.).  Some exceptions may apply for pre-packaged food items. Email us if you have questions about your vendor status.
  • We will not allow styrofoam at Charlotte Vegfest. Vendors may use only post-consumer recyclables and compostables to sell their products.
  • Volunteers will direct you to your table during set-up. Limited volunteer assistance will be available for load-in.
  • Table coverings are not provided. Please bring your own.
  • If you have any questions, please contact charlottevegfest@gmail.com.
  • Your confirmation email may go to your spam folder. Please check that folder after registering.

By paying the registration fee, I agree to the terms and conditions of this registration contract for Charlotte Vegfest.